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Sonkashi Sinha reveals her role model ….her fashion inspiration!

Today:-Munbai, Dec-Sonakshi Sinha, initially flaked for her fashion faux pas, has now transformed into the ultimate style diva!

At a time when women actresses were flaunting their size zero figures, came the classic Indian beauty, the fierce fashionista, the fun, feisty and gorgeous Sonkashi Sinha. She confesses on Colors Infinity’s Born Stylish show that she was never Born Stylish; she has only inherited good height from her parents. Her journey from flabby fashion student to a stunning diva took 2 years of strenuous workout sessions and austere diet. Sonakshi further adds how her weakness for food and sedentary lifestyle was ignored by her family except her mother Poonam Sinha, who alike every mother of a young girl was worried of her daughter’s ignorance towards herself.

Today looking at her new svelte figure, we can say Sonakshi Sinha’s patience and hard work has really paid off.

She reveals her style tips on Born Stylish:

“My mother is my inspiration; she is so pristine, she is always well-kept and so impeccably dressed. She has a certain composer in her and a signature style, she is always with her bindi and sindoor, it’s been never a day when I saw her without that.

For me style is not only about fashion, it is about a personality. Style could be reflected in a person’s walk, the way one would talk, it could be the gesture or just style in your stride. My ultimate style mantra is ‘comfort’; it is of utmost importance to me. I don’t follow trends; I don’t wear something just because it is in fashion, I wear only something that suits my personality. My style tip for a women going on a date would be to dress ‘comfortably’ don’t die to squeeze urself into that skimpy little dress and be uncomfortable throughout.”
I feel “You should wear the clothes and not the clothes wearing you”.
Catch this and a lot more on Born Stylish, this Saturday at 8.30pm on COLORS INFINITY and Vh1!
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