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Spiritual tips to start a new year

Hand catches falling gold coins.

Today:- Jan -Start the year by doing something that makes you happy. Manifestation always speeds up when we are in the energy of joy. Go outside your front door with some saved coins; bless the coins and throw them inside your home. Leave them there for 24 hours and then give them away to charity. Take small, consistent steps to achieve your goals: it takes at least 21-40 days to change a habit. Success in these small accomplishments gives you the energy to move forward and stretch to larger goals. Acknowledge yourself and others as valuable. When you praise and show appreciation, you reinforce the good and it increases. Pretend you are a tourist in your own town and do something you have never done before. This opens your ability to be more creative. Get support and create a structure for accountability. Set weekly meetings to see what is working and what is not. Find an online support forum and/or hire a coach. Breathe! lt opens up access to the part of the brain that can make good decisions. Be flexible, visible and available. Success comes when we adapt to ch
By Barbara Biziou -Spiritual coach, author of The joy of Ritual

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