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‘Styling for Ekta Kapoor show has to be Grand’: Anuradha Khurana

Today:- July – Dil Hi Toh Hai will soon witness a grand engagement between Setu (Asmita Sood) and Rohit (Krishna Shetty). Indians are considered to be festival lovers and love celebrating every occasion by hosting a huge get together. Something similar will be seen in Sony Entertainment Television’s DIl Hi Toh Hai where Fashion Designer Anuradha Khurana who is the stylist for the show has been giving us some great designs to look forward to.

Anuradha who has been associated with Balaji Telefilms since the past 3 to 4 years now, has been styling each and every artist at every Award function. It was an explicit experience for her to have worked for the artists in Dil Hi Toh Hai and, with a name like Ekta Kapoor associated with the show, it has to be grand! The show has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time and will soon take a leap. With a whole new story line, the audience will experience the grandness of Setu and Rohit’s engagement on screen. From jewellery to clothing, the viewers will get to witness a complete package of richness.
Anuradha commented, “We wanted to bring out a feel of high end opulence and richness in the show and, the brief given was simple; make it look like a Yash Raj or a Karan Johar film! Just to show the connectivity between the couple, I kept it the costumes of the pairs colour coordinated to make it look classier on screens. Wherein for the character of Setu, she has a bohemian styling, keeping that in mind we place the design for her in that way. Also, Vijaypath is a very rich character and to style him I must keep Amitabh Bachchan in mind and for Rajeshwari, I kept it very simple. A simple saree can highlight her personality and elegance in the show. Wherein for Karan Kundra who is already a style icon in the industry we try and give him very easy and classy attires”

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