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Teen age and so much worries….!!!

According to Research, every 1 in 8 teen experiences depression. Their temperament keeps changing just like pendulum……what they think , say and do now might change some time later……Even parents ignore this and are not aware at times.

Teenage is that stage of life where youth starts knocking at the end of childhood. At teenage, not just the shape and size of body changes, but teens even face emotional and mental changes or trauma at times. Their thinking and temperament also alters due to the hormonal change that they are undergoing. They don’t even realize that they have entered youth.

Say Good bye to Depression

On one side, getting good grades and on the other, deciding a successful career, both equally important. All these are the contributing factors to depression in teens. After completing 10th, lots of concerns surround them. Teens start worrying about what stream to choose according to their taste and aptitude and which not just helps them in landing up a good job easily but also sets a successful career path.

Main Factors Leading to depression——


  • Pressure of studies and competition in school   constant pressure to perform better than      bothers and excel in the career they choose
  • Peer group pressure- be it in terms of money,   looks, style or language barrier
  • Relationships within family and friends – be it   complicated emotional relations with opposite   gender friend , jealousy among friends or     disturbed relations of parents

Symptoms of Depression among youth


  • Sadness and despair/frustration/disappointment/hopelessness
  • Irritability, anger or animosity with someone
  • Constant crying and loneliness
  • Uneasiness and having stomach aches and cramps, groin pain
  • Sense of guilt and flare up suddenly
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of enthusiasm and inspiration
  • To distance away from family and friends
  • Eating-disorder and changes in sleeping    habits
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Low self-esteem


Don’t worry at all……it can be treated and managed


  • Meditation and Physiotherapy
  • Parents and teacher’s support – As we all  know, parents are best friends to their kids.  So in spite of being angry at them, just  support your kids and understand what they  are undergoing. Show them the right path.
  • Consult doctors and take anti-depressants    prescribed by them so as to avoid suicide    tendencies
  • Don’t leave them alone, have some fun-time     together.
  • Go for easy work-outs and exercises
  • Suggest them to be with friends

If you feel you have some symptoms, tell your parents and teachers to take care of you !!

By:-Teennews1 Network Team.



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