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Suitable Career for Aquarius

If your moon sign is Aquarius, you are humane, innovative, revolutionary and unconventional individual. You have unique way of thinking. You do not follow conventional working and thinking patterns. You are able to invent new things and find workable path. You do not follow rules. Rules are not important for you. You are suitable for career where you can use these qualities. You can become a cartoonist, a painter, a lyricist, a script writer or an inventor.

If you are a male, you are not suitable for normal routine work. You need freedom at your work place. You want to do things according to your own will. You are suitable to work as a freelancer. We advise you to build your own organization. Professions which involve creativity, freedom and uncertainty will attract you.

If you are a female, you will not satisfy by your occupation easily. Occupations that allow you to be free and creative will attract you. You can become a portrait painter, a graphic designer, an artist, a creative writer, a jewelry designer, a cartoonist or a script writer.

You demonstrate progressive attitude at your work place. Your colleagues admire you for your qualities. But sometime you surprise them by your sudden outburst and unpredictable behavior.

As a boss you are very unpredictable. Sometime you behave very tolerant and sometime you become stubborn.

To be continued…..

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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