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Suitable Career for Leo

Today:-If your moon sign is Leo, you are self confident, self sufficient and creative. You need a audience who can listen to you. You like to have status, respect, acceptance and reputation in society.
You are suitable for a career which gives you fame and recognition. You can work in entertainment industry as an actor, singer, dancer or a comedian. If you wish to work in an organization, you will aim for top management position.
If you are a Leo man, you are suitable for those professions where you can be the one in charge. You want to take all the decisions and lead your organization. Target oriented organizations with creativity are best suitable for you. Your main motive is to get recognition.
If you are a Leo woman, you can use your personality in your advantage. You can impress others very easily. You are suitable for professions in which you need to convince others. Your ideal profession is in the field of sales and marketing etc.
At your workplace you are a straightforward and generous person, who organizes and lead the organization. Others like your enthusiastic and strong willed nature. Some time you behave egoistic and arrogant.
As a boss you are perfect. You are ideal for your subordinates. Generally you want to work in a calm and cool manner. You are a liberal boss. If someone tries to take advantage of your behavior you can turn into a strict boss.

To be continued…..

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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