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Suitable Career for Libra

Today:- If your moon sign is Libra, you are a diplomatic and peace loving person. You love careers related to human behavior, public relations, singing, painting, music and psychology. You love to do public dealing. You need people near you to grow. You want justice, therefore legal professions are ideal for you. You can become a good psychologist, peace maker, mediator etc. You like to help others. You are suitable for all professions which needs team work and working with cooperation.
If you are a Libra man, you are concerned about justice. You know what is right and wrong. You always want to do right things. You can become a perfect judge. You can easily detach yourself from situations. you can see things in a rational way. You can also become a trainer or a coach.
If you are a Libra woman, you are suitable for the job of representative. You have a graceful and charming personality, and you love to meet different type of persons, therefore you can become psychologist, relationship managers, consultant etc. You have the ability to understand the circumstances and situation in reality. You can analyze problems and things in right perspective. You love to guide and support those who come to you for your assistance.
At your workplace you are a cooperative team member. You help others and give them valuable advice. You spread positive energy around you.

To be continued…..

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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