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Suitable Career for Virgo

Today:- If your moon sign is Virgo, You want to do everything systematically. Virgo is most thorough and meticulous sign of the zodiac. You like professions that give a chance to analyze and exploring deeper meanings. You like precision and accuracy in all the works you do. You are suitable for detail oriented professions.
Being a Virgo you are good with math. You can build your career in this field. You can make your career in the field of natural science. You are suitable for researching, as you have the patience and endurance to search as long as it takes until you have got the knowledge you need. Health related professions also fascinate you.
If you are a Virgo man, You love to work systematically and methodically, You love professions where accuracy and precision is needed. You can choose your career in the field of math, physics, finance or may become a engineer or a doctor.
As a Virgo woman, You are suitable for becoming a teacher or a professor in the field of math, physics, finance or natural science. You are also suitable for becoming financial analyst, a tax consultant or a lawyer.
Your colleges admire and value your concentration on work. You have analytic mind and you can go for details minutely, so your coworkers come to you for confirmation and verification.
You are a hard to please boss. Your subordinates may find hard to deal with you. The reason behind that is you don’t compromise in terms of quality. In fact you raise quality standards. Your expectations are high. You want error free work. You don’t ignore mistakes; therefore you are a tough boss.
Best quality you have is your accuracy, your systematic approach and your endurance.

To be continued…..

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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