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Summer Oily Skin..?..Need Not To Worry

Today:- Hot sun , rain and humidity are just attack like enemy to our skin. For those of us having oily skin, we generally reach out to our blotting sheets, oil-free sunscreen lotions, cooling gels and cleansers to keep the sebaceous glands under control. Guys, our oily and combination skin needs a lot of extra care and attention.
I was facing a lot of problem and embarrassment among peers because of my oily skin. Hence i decided to consult a skin-specialist. You would be amazed to know what she told we are already aware of but never follow.
Let me discuss those few basic tips to take care of our oily skin –

Firstly we all should follow a skin-care routine……

Cleansing our face with gel-based cleanser and lukewarm water twice a day to keep our sebaceous gland under control.
Exfoliating the skin with face -scrub thrice a week is more than enough to keep dead skin cells and black heads at bay. Over-doing should be avoided as it damages the natural oils and moisture which help fight irritations.
We should go low on make-up and look natural so as to avoid clogged pores.

Using soothing face masks like multani mitti (fuller earth) or sandal wood is a must.

Touching the face with our hands to keep it germ free is really necessary.

Keep a watch on what we eat – Though fried food might appear very mouth-watering but they only harm our skin guys, making it susceptible to acne and pimples. Instead we should introduce leafy green vegetables and fruits in our diet.

Having 8-10 glasses of water every day is necessary.

By: Kavita Seth

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