Today:- Oh no…!!! my dress is getting tight….that means I am putting on weight …..Now I must start swimming…these are the very common sentences of teens and youths now a days. They consider swimming as an only exercise ,no yoga,no gym . Yes swimming has become a passion for them.They feel cool talking about it and doing swimming but sorry to say it is not so cool.
The fact is swimming can harm you too . It may develop antibiotic resistance risk for swimming pool and coastal water users.

In the first study of its kind, scientists at the University of Exeter Medical School have assessed the amount of water ingested during different water sports, and combined this with water sampling data to estimate people’s exposure to bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
The team considered surfers, sea swimmers, divers and kayakers and found that while only 0.12% of E. coli found in coastal waters and rivers running into beaches were resistant to 3GCs, this number was enough to present a potential risk of exposure to water users. Surfers and sea swimmers were among those at highest risk of exposure, due to their tendency to swallow more water.
The project was led by microbiologist, Dr William Gaze, who believes these findings represent just part of the story:“We know very little about how the natural environment can spread antibiotic resistant bacteria to humans, or how our exposure to these microbes can affect health. People are exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria in many ways, through person to person contact, via food and as a result of international travel. Our research establishes recreational use of coastal waters as an additional route of exposure.

Many people use a public swimming pool ,this is the reason pool water gets contaminated very easily so the chances of getting infected from many kind of bacterial diseases increase very much.During swimming, one swallows water from the pool and this creates the whole problem.Food poisoning,Diarrhea, pain in stomach etc.are the common ailment of regular swimmers.Swim but in a clean swimming pool and take care teens of your health too otherwise instead of giving benefit it can harm you.
By: Shahina Noor (Reporter)

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