Taj Mahal among the top five tourist destinations

Taj Mahal among the top five tourist destinations


Today:- Elegance, Beauty, Love encapsulates the white marble building named Taj Mahal.
Even after more than 400 years Taj Mahal hasn’t lost its charm. It is still the epitome of true love. The popularity rises with each dawn. It signifies the pride as well as tourism in India.
The Mughal masterpiece is ranked fifth among top five tourist destinations in the world by Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Travellists”.

The legend of TajMahal always mesmerizes the people. Considered as the most expensive monument of its time, TajMahal is all about white marbles, semi precious stones, perfect symmetry Mughal carved designs, which rids us to the medieval Islamic era.
By: Teennews1 Network Team


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