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Taylor Swift buys fans tickets to her Dublin concert

Los Angeles : The next time if your most favorite star buy ticket for you to his or her own concert, what happen? It is incredible. Ok this time the Hollywood star Taylor Swift has do so. The “Shake It Off” singer offered two disappointed fans from South Africa free tickets to her Dublin concert after they missed her Hyde Park show at British Summer Time in London on June 28, reported Ace Showbiz. The fans, DJ Stephanie and her boyfriend Joe Crann missed the concert after their British Airways flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow was delayed. They made it to London but only managed to enjoy the last three songs.

Stephanie later took to Twitter to voice her disappointment over the mishap. “There’s nothing like flying halfway across the world to see @taylorswift13 & then @British_Airways delaying the flight so I miss it,” so she wrote.  In a follow-up post, she tweeted, “Just landed at Heathrow and @taylorswift13 is about to walk on stage at Hyde Park. Im  beyond devastated. There are no words.”  After noticing the tweets, Taylor wrote to her, “@StephanieBe I’m really sorry you missed it but if you can get to Dublin I’ll buy you tickets! Sorry to hear about the travel nightmare..” Surprised Stephanie then replied, “Thank you a million times over @taylorswift13 – I need you to know that I am trying everything I can to change my flights & buy new ones.” On the following day, after the couple arrived in Dublin, they shared a snap of some welcome cakes and prosecco along with caption, “In Dublin! Even the staff at @thegibsonhotel are rooting for me. Swifties are the best & they’re everywhere.”

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