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Teen Boy Died After Scuffle With Classmate

Today:- A Class 10 student from a private school in Hyderabad died of internal injuries after a scuffle on Tuesday with a classmate during lunch.

The boys allegedly fought over a minor issue and were spotted by a teacher on CCTV raining punches on each other.

fist-punch-worksThe teacher rushed to stop the two, but the boys had landed multiple blows on each other by then. Footage showed one of them falling unconscious; he died early today.

The incident took place at St Joseph school in Abids on Tuesday afternoon.

The unconscious boy was taken to a hospital nearby. Doctors performed brain surgery to remove a clot, but hours later, the teen died.

Senior Hyderabad police officer Kamalasan Reddy told a news channel that a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been registered but no arrests are likely soon since both the boys involved in the fight were minors and the death was believed to be accidental.

None of the boys were known in school for violent behavior, say the police. Classmates describe the other boy as a mild-mannered teenager.
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