Today:- Nowadays, girls are growing with internal diseases and they are unaware of how serious the problem is. Teenagers( girls) never take their problems seriously specially when its related to their cycle of periods.
Polycystic ovary is very common in girls these days. The main reason for the disturbances in the cycle is “lifestyle”. Teenage girls are affected more than their counter parts due to unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food, stress and lack of sleep are the main cause for this disease. Due to fast food, maximum number of girls become obese and their period becomes irregular. Headache, irritation, mood swings, hyper tension, blood pressure and diabetes are very common symptoms of polycystic disease. These girls also develop a fear of not being able to get pregnant. They think that due to this disease they would not get to be a mother. Due to access of all kinds of information they start thinking that they will suffer from cancer later. It gives them unnecessary stress. There is no end to their worries but if you want to get rid of these , then just change your habits and attitude.

First of all just leave fast food. Eat homemade tasty food. Do not fast and eat nutritious food. Reduce oily food and butter.
Whatever physical activity you can do, start doing that , like Walking, cycling, gym, swimming, yoga, dance etc. Which ever activity you do, do it on a regular basis.
If you feel irritation then you should avoid sour and sweet things. Start medication but after consulting the specialist.
Teenage girls develop a lot of symptoms like feeling too sleepy, having unstable thoughts, restlessness, hot and cold sensation in the body, chest pain, feeling some gland in their breast . The change of hormone are the main reason for these symptoms and disease.Hormones are chemical messengers that trigger many different processes, including growth and energy production. Often, the job of one hormone is to signal the release of another hormone. This hormone is discharged from the ovary before the periods begin or before pregnancy. Some girls are very sensitive to this hormone. It affects their mental condition too.
It can be controlled only by the change of lifestyle and attitude.
By: Shahina Noor – Reporter

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