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Teen Serial Killer Ravinder’s Mind Was Read By “Teennews1” Before Police

The story which shook India to it’s core, the 17yr old boy- Ravinder whose mind wasn’t mentally stable due to hard core drinking, his thinking and actions were seen by teennews1 before hand. In the story who is making teen anti social ….Teennews1 explained the psychological aspects in detail. We have explained about this mental disorder .

Ravinder committed his first crime when he was just 17yrs old(2009). He kidnapped a labourer’s child from the metro construction site, raped her and dumped her body. Unfortunately, he got away from the rape and murder charge because the crime wasn’t reported. Ravinder confessed that after drinking he became an entirely different person. This gave him courage and confident and hence the rape and murders didn’t stop at just 1 or 2.

All in all he raped and murdered 15 children all over Delhi and NCR region. Two of his friends( Dharmender and kishan) whom he use to drink with also support Ravinder in his crimes. After drinking they use to watch pornographic movies and then go on “child hunt”, torture them, rape them, sodomize them and then kill them if they refuse to listen to him.

Ravinder’s friends- Dharmender and Kishan are still missing and a search is out for them.Though Ravinder got a death sentence, DCP(outer) Vikramjit singh stated “we have decided to go for a narcotic brain mapping of Ravinder. Psycologists would be tasked to find out his mental character.”

DRINKING doesn’t just affect our body PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY also.

By: Tanya Kabeer (Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team

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