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Teenagers Are Expert In Casual Sex

Today:- Teenagers search their partner to make love in 10th standard, all the time they concentrate on following that how to find their partner and how they can experiment with sex and with whom. Most of the time the rape cases occur because of this type of thinking of teenagers. Youngsters start their sex life from casual sex with the help of social networking sites like facebook and phone also. Once they are friends with that person then they proceed with physical relations. According to research the addiction of auxmic sex are increasing day by day in teenagers.

According to a daily mail report which says that the British teenagers try to copy each and every thing which they read on websites regarding sex. According to the study, ‘We found in one of the research that between the age of 16-24 years old teenagers make friends via social websites and keen to meet for auxmic sex. 80% teenagers take help of phone or internet for casual sex’.This research is done under the control of special researcher of Plymouth university. Research says technology impacts on 88% teenagers between the age of 16-24. And 60% people are agree that the websites became the part of their daily life, this is the first survey in which they found these information, that how teenagers take help of websites. This is the first indication but need to be done further research on it. Facebook and phones are the main and most important source of casual sex.

By: Shahina Noor -Translation- Jasleen kaur

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