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Teens Brain Reducing

Alarming sign for teen’s brain. Their brain size is not the same as it was before. It is reducing day by day so they are enable to memorize things and control their emotions properly . Who is responsible for this? ….Parents and teachers!!!…Yes,it is a fact that they care most for them and they are the reason for their unhealthy brain.
Nowadays depression is very common in youths, most of them keep their mouth mum due to too much interference of parents and teachers. They hold their feelings in their hearts and never express it in front of anyone Just to escape from any kind of confrontation with elders they try their best not to utter a single word. This process makes them very sad and depressed. After some time it converts into a very bad illness which effects their brain. Actually depression reduces the Hipocampus of brain .Hipocampus is very important part of brain which is responsible for memory and all kinds of emotions .
This fact has been revealed by a study which is conducted by Brain and Mind Research institute of Sidney University . A very surprising fact came in light that if a depressed youth or teen get treatment then Hiocampus again comes in shape and size. Hiki , a member of study group told that as many time a child gets depressed , his or her Hipocampus gets reduced. According to news paper, The Guardian ,this research has been based on the study of 15 institutes of the world. They include 8,927 people in this study in which 1,728 people were deeply depressed and rest were healthy . They also identified those 65 percent people who get depressed many times and their Hipocampus were more reduced than others.
If a person get depressed again and again and does not get treatment , in this case hippocampus will get much damaged. They also explained that depressed person can not be treated only by medicines but they also need social help.So, a teen or youth must get medical help as well as social .

By: S. Noor and translated by Teennews1Network desk team

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