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Teens dangerous parameters for intimate relationship

The youth of today is at pace, in competition with everything better the world offers : in search of  the better, regardless of anything, even themselves.

The lives of 16 year olds unfold at relationships, something so normal and ordinary for them to treasure or work upon, since for them, its about attraction, lust and an end to the so called love factor when it comes to even a slight level of compromise, or to put it better, selflessness. They know themselves as experienced, well learnt adults, the parameter for measuring which is their commitment status.

A survey held in the US reflects upon a stark difference between the mode of thinking, between the two generations : The parents and The children. To elaborate on the fact, it has been observed that attraction, as an example, has led the 19-20 year old couples to plan  weddings without consent  at an immature age, when their elders have not even given the first thought to it.Here is how we can determine the advancement in their decision making capacity.

Even though there have been constant debates taking place in India about minimizing  the legal age of physical intimacy from 18 to 16, the central government has constantly shown disagreement over such an issue.

A striking example of illegal sexual attachment is from a  survey held in England in which was found  that mostly 16 year olds have had more than 3 sexual partners ! Moreover, it was found that these partners happen to be generally unknown and among those aged between 16 to 22 years of age, 60 percent  have either conceived  or undergone abortion since they overlooked precautions like condoms or UTD’s .

The high street store “Super Drug” had conducted a survey on 1200 people and one out of three kids denied using blockades to pregnancy during sex .

12 percent of 22 year olds  agreed that their sex life had been active with two to three partners while 18 percent of them denied to disclose their experience.


Confidence,courage,risk taking attitude must be appreciated  but completely ignoring to experienced advice may lead you to nowhere…


A British newspaper wrote in favour of this survey that the level of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases has risen remarkably among the teens of this generation.

Do we have a solution to such carelessness or is it very normal to lead an undisciplined life?

We have such question still to be answered.


By :- Ishani Singh and S. Noor (Teennews1 network team)

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