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Teens Eco Friendly Craze

Teenagers are the kings of today’s fashion world. They set into trend the latest and the most different styles. Nowadays teenagers these the young girls among the teenagers are seen to have a craze for eco friendly accessories.

The growing trend of bags made from jute, Sandals made of jute, jute earrings. The youth of today has a remarkable eco friendly craze It is due to this reason that from the usual street shops to big brands ,all have started manufacturing Eco friendly products made of cotton, jute, natural fibers silk, wood, paper, etc and therefore they are easily found. These have become the mantra of today’s style. Natural looks and new designs are being used in this form of fashion.

Eco friendly Fashion is both convenient and stylish for college students. Eco friendly jewellery, for example, does not only boost up the personality of an individual but is also comfortable and easy to buy and wear. Uncountable colors and designs are available in the market for jute bags which are liked by today’s girls. Colorful threads are used to weave these pretty bags and are sold in the shops in the form of echo friendly products. These bags look good both on western and traditional outfits, along with jeans and give a trendy and beautiful look. Beaded necklace , jewellery made from paper, jute bags, jute fabric, hand spun dresses, shoes made of cloth etc., are some clothing and accessories associated with such eco friendly and green fashion.
Youngsters prefer an eco friendly style of fashion because they are not too heavy on the pocket of the youth and so they can choose a lot of varieties and innumerable items of the same design in different colors. Not only women but also the men of today’s generation are keen on buying natural pants and footwear of their choice. They are not only extremely comfortable to wear but also excellent in terms of quality. Echo friendly fashion has been growing rapidly and this is why big designers tend to incarnate environmental conservation in their creations. From hats to jewellery, ranging from clothing, footwear, bags etc., are designed keeping in mind the environment at large.

By: S.Noor and Ishani Singh

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