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Teens eyes on trendy glasses

Want new fresh look in summer??….Latest Trendy Sunglasses, an option.

Sunglasses are not just a utility to protect our eyes from sun rays but it has also become a fashion symbol for most of us. We, College students want matching sunglasses with every dress. To welcome the scorching & sultry summer season, market is filled with variety of sunglasses having different designer & trendy frames.

Girls are not just concerned about hot sunny weather or pollution but they want to give a new look to their face with the change of season. Companies have designed variety of stylish sunglasses taking into consideration of the demands of the young girls

Match with your look

  • Colourful Sunglasses – Colourful bright sunglasses are very much in fashion. Trend 2015 consists of Yellow and blue coloured which is running in full swing. Even red, brown & purple shades are very popular among girls. Almost whole range of colourful sunglasses is available in the market. We can pick and choose any of them according to our complexion and dress.
  • Colourful Rims Sunglasses – A lot of it’s variety is available in the market. It is very popular among teens. Both rims and frames are colourful in these sunglasses. Rims have shadows on it, my… God, it looks really trendy from far-off too. College girls prefer wearing the sunglasses having rims colour matching to their dress. Red, white, blue and orange colour is hit among rims.
  • Bright and big framed Sunglasses – just like colourful sunglasses, bright frames is also in. A lot of experimentation is being done on these frames. Hence it is available in various designs, all sizes & lot of new shades as well. They can go with any casual dress and suits every occasion.
  • Square Sunglasses – To look stylish, you can even try square sunglasses, even they are a great hit in 2015. These glasses suits girls having fuller faces. Golden, brown, purple and white frames are being liked by young girls. Even cat eye frame is in and brings old school charm.

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