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Teens Fantasy and Poor Health

We fantasize all aspects of our life all the time and try to copy it in reality whether it is zero figure or risk taking actions.
Yes, it might be possible since the girls of our generation are becoming big fans of the famous zero figure,which is more or less another negative gimmick.

Girls can remain hungry, starve themselves irrespective of their health and strive towards attaining a thin body, deprived of proteins and other bodily needs. Such an addiction can be the cause of eating disorders which further are implicitly seen as diseases.

The adults, mainly the parents ,need to keep an eye on the eating habits of their children.
Here are some quick points which can help you determine if your child is suffering from an eating disorder :

1) Skipping the breakfast : Your child might make excuses very often that they need to rush up since there is a short of time, and they cant have breakfast.

Stop, its not the time, its the figure.

2) Overworking at the gym : Anorexia is a common eating disorder, and the girls often fall prey to it. Boys, on the other hand, prefer going to the gym to reduce weight. Parents must keep a track of all the time they spend in the gym.

3) Yielding the favorites: Your kids might be suddenly showing dislike towards a favorite food, that they might have been head over heels for.
Watch them, if its high on calories and your kids are avoiding it, its the weight factor they are driven by.You can deal with such a behaviour by being friends with them than keeping it formal as parents.

4) Overeating : If someone is eating too much, you should be assured that it is because of initial starvation and your child is undergoing decay and depression. A doctor would be the best remedy, since overeating is a sin.

5) Visiting the bathroom: If your child often go to the bathroom, then its not a good sign.Bulimia is an eating disorder which is symptomized by vomiting after eating. You must pay attention to such a behaviour, if there is a change.

To have a curvy figure is important but not eating and being resistant towards your health is a distorted understanding of being fit.

By: Ishani Singh and S.Noor -TeenNews1 Network Team