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Teens…….Hard core Criminals

A 15 years teen girl is packing her school bag not with books but a dead body.  It is not a horror film story but today hard news. Yes, a teen girl just turned into a cold blooded murderer. On 10 June a 15 year girl just killed a 2 years old baby girl to take avenge of her humiliation from baby’s mother.

She strangled the baby to death and packed the body in her school bag after wrapping the body in a plastic sheet, hid it in the room till evening and then dumped nearby lake behind trees. After three days the secret was revealed.

When missing baby’s parents, relatives and neighbors were worried about her disappearance, the teen girl was looking calm and composed according to neighbors.

She explained in police station that she has learned all these activity from local talks, T.V. and films.

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