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Teens kidnapped and killed a 9-year-old neighbour to buy big car

Today :- Mar-New Delhi: Teens Kill 9-yr-old, planned to buy big car with ransom. Displaying brutality Far Beyond their years, two boys, aged 16 and 17, kidnapped a nine-year-old neighbour in southwest Delhi’s Dwarka and killed him in cold blood. The duo planned to get ransom from the family to fuel their fantasies of buying an expensive car to impress their girlfriends. The boys told the victim-Lalit Sehrawat, a student of Class III who was mead about dancing- that they would take him to a “dance party”, police said. An excited Lalit dressed up for the occasion on Sunday afternoon and went with the boys without telling his family where he was going. Lalit was taken to a desolate spot where the boys strangled him and skit his throat, police said. They hid his body under debris at an abandoned EWS fiats compound and returned home, waiting for matters to settle down before making the ransom call. “After hours of hunting, the victim’s family approached the police. On questioning, it appeared Lalit had left his residence on Sunday around 5pm along with two older boys, saying that he was going to a party somewhere. Lalit’s elder sister identified the main accused who was apprehended with an hour but initially acted innocent,” said a senior police officer. Like Lalit, the 16-year- old main accused lives in Pochanpur village in Dwarka.
Greedy Teens killed him in COLD BLOOD
 Two boys, aged 16 & 17, call a 9-yr-old neighbour, Lalit (in pic), for a ‘party’
 They take him a desolate spot and strangle him. Duo spot and strangle him. Duos hide the body after slitting the boys’ throat with a blade
 They return home, planning o make the ransom call later, But police pick up one of the boys, who confesses

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