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Teens Sleepless Nights….

Today’s teen’s busy schedule and preoccupation in various activities have made them sleepless. By the time they realize, the whole day is spent and its evening time. After school tution and homework, they go out to play or just spend time with friends of their locality, which most of them cannot miss as it gives them emotional support and satisfaction. If not that, they are glued to cartoon shows on television. What to say….after all this… very little time is left with them. They compromise their sleep to pursue their passion or desires. After whole day- busy studying, playing outdoors, video games as well, cartoon show, the moment they land up on bed, they cling to their smart phones..
The virtual world of smart phone is so cruel and heartless that it can even distract disciplined person from the track….Facebook, twitter, video-calls, whatsapp, different types of games etc. have made the world of smart phone very illusive & glamorous. Though parents think they have gone off to sleep, but actually, teens spend hours in the colorful and deceptive world of Smartphone ……finally lull to sleep by 3 am. Waking up in the morning, Oh….to get ready for school is just another compulsion…..

Lack of sleep…….Health adversely affected

It has been revealed in various research, sleep deprivation adversely affects not only the memory but also the overall health of the teens. Hopkins University Research has found that teens require at least 8 -10 hours of sleep daily. But see, the trend nowadays…..they just sleep 5 to 6 hrs. ….in the long run, it might create the problem of insomnia in them…Other diseases which might crop up are…narcolepsy, insomnia, restless leg syndrome or sleep apnoea. The best treatment for this disease is to have at least eight hours of night’s sleep.

Future of teens in danger…..???

Sleeplessness badly affects their hearing power, concentration. Oh what to say ….such teens can even forget relevant information like someone’s name. Even general arithmetic calculations becomes a tough task for them…..which means their ability to hear, to understand logically and to concentrate reduces drastically. Besides this, they can suffer from acne; pimples and several other skin conditions. Such teens mostly remain irritable and also become aggressive in nature.

By:S.Noor and Kavita Seth

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