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Teens to get safety lessons from cops on cybercrime

Amulya Patnaik – Delhi Police Commissioner

Today:- New Delhi,May – With cybercrime gaining enormous proportions, Delhi Police has started a programmer through which teenagers will be taught safe online habits to avoid becoming victims of crooks on social network and internet, The event was live tweeted by Delhi Police on Tuesday.
The module on cyber safety, started by police chief Amulya Patnaik, will be first imparted to computer teachers who will, in turn, pass the knowledge on to children in their schools. The police will also be educating parents about the crimes.
The top cop also released a manual for investigating officers giving a detailed list of how they should probe cybercrime a cases.
“The idea of holding a programme involving teachers was started to ensure that children know about cyber security the day they start learning about computers,” Said Delhi Police spokesperson and special commissioner (Operations), Depend re Pathak.
Children are vulnerable and often become victims of cybercrime because of their inquisitiveness and curiosity while using the internet. The awareness initiative was stared to densities them an prevent them from falling prey to cyber crooks. “In the pat one year over 800 policemen have been trained in cybercrime investigation,” said a senior police officer.
Over 120 teachers from 114 schools attended the programme prepared by the cyber cell of Economic offences wing . Till date, 423 computer teachers from 302 schools have attended the workshops.
The awareness module comprises presentations, short films, Videos, quizzes, FAQs, and handouts on Dos and Don’ts of using the internet, The technical experts of Delhi Police also addressed queries regarding cyber threats and safe online habits asked by teachers and students.
Patnaik also highlighted the importance of effective detection and investigation of cybercrime complaint in addition to the preventive measures undertaken by the police.

 Find out about your child’s online friends
 Talk about them
 Find out about the sites they visit
 Know about their ‘buddy list’
 Make Your presence felt online by chatting with them
 Visit their profiles on social media
 Don’t allow them to download from the internet
 Make unsafe sites inaccessible
 Don’t Switch off parent control features
 Encourage them not to share personal information on the internet
 Ask the not to chat with strangers
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