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The benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Today:- Rainwater Harvesting is a system which has become a trend in the recent times, after “Satyamev Jayate” episode focusing on the issue.
But, why do we need rain water harvesting as 70% of the earth is filled with water?
The answer is that all the water is not suitable for drinking, for instance, the sea water or oceanic water. These is limited ground water, which is suitable and that too after the purification process. The problem of water shortage in the rural and urban areas, so rain water harvesting was introduced.
Let’s understand the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting:-
The best benefit is that it reduces the water bills as rain water can be used for drinking as it is free from all viruses and diseases as it will lessen the burden on ground water.
It eliminates the chances of soil erosion and flood related problems s large amount of rain water is collected in tanks.
It can be used for non drinking purposes like cleaning toilet, washing clothes, gardening, etc.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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