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The new poster of “Spectre “revealed

Today:- “Spectre”, the twenty fourth James Bond movie is set to release this October. It has been long three years vacuum for Bond fans as the last time Agent 007 was seen in SkyFall in 2012.
Sony has unveiled the new poster of Spectre, and much to the delight of the fans it has gone viral. The poster shows Daniel Craig donning White Tuxedo jacket with his signature gun as we know 007 has the license to kill.
But, the background ignites interest as you can see a jaunty hated fellow behind Bond. The jaunty hated fellow is the actual star of the movie and remains the suspense in the movie.
According to grapevine this could be the Daniel Craig last Bond movie. Daniel Craig took the Bond role in 2006 “Casino Royale” filling the shoes of Pierce Brosnan his predecessor.
To watch the trailer of Spectre click on the link below”-

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