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The retro disco skirt is back

Today :- Jan –Style pundits forecast the disco skirt as one of the big fashion trends of the year. It’s hot, sexy and revs up the chic quotient like none other. The skirt, once the retro disco lover’s wardrobe must-have, can also be worn for daytime as well as evening dos. If you’re going clubbing, try one with a ruffled cut or with shimmery layers. For the day, opt for simpler patterns and prints. Hollywood has its share of fans when it comes to the style trend. Mila Kunis was seen in one and Kate Bosworth wore a grey number with a jumper recently. While Jennifer Lopez rocked a draped silver sequined disco skirt, Emma Stone sported a sophisticated emerald green skirt. A Nod to the style of the 70s, there’s every reason to don one today.
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