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The System Of Education Is An Overseen Error

…And they snatched it from me .”she concluded.”I was left without anything, weeping and helpless, without a soul to support the loss, to console this victim.”
These were the words of poor Mala, as she expressed regret upon not being able to fair well at her paper since she was caught cheating .Pity, she fell victim to a watchful eye .While Mala couldn’t manage to arrange a successful deception ,on one hand ,Arav rejoiced upon the loose management at his centre for preventing unfair practices during a state level examination and deeply emphasizing on how smartly he scanned his partner’s paper and defrauded the invigilator, with that one smile-good heavens !
Well ,the two students appeared for similar exams ,on the same day and around the same time, by the clock and had a common agenda-cheating-to get through the paper. While one Mala couldn’t manage to meet it smoothly , Arav did it.

Here, my support doesn’t point at the custom of cheating as a justified practice to be used to get through any assessment-mental or physical. My concern is more inclined towards the similar levels of competition the two people will have to confront despite such contradictory episodes, the aftermath of which for one like Arav can be fruitful but for Mala, it would be absolute disappointment.

Our country has been a major seat of education and learning since times immemorial, and it has witnessed a remarkable growth in its literacy rate. India has managed to keep the spirit of Hindi alive, despite intense competition against the foreign languages that have globally found major importance and acceptance .Education has been a boon-o doubt-but at the cost of the impartial treatment, the students who are nurtured through education ,should be parted.
Lets imagine the child of a well versed English teacher, getting to learn and perform under the guidance of his father, who is likely to make a major contribution towards the compilation of the upcoming language paper in his school. Here ,the child is assured of better counseling for the exam while on the other hand, the same teacher is seen to be biased towards another boy, who seems to belong to an inferior caste than that of the former and is assured too but of being flunked in the same exam as that of his classmate. The crucial part of this situation is that they both are supposedly class twelfth students and will have to meet the similar admission requirement at the under-graduate college level. Is it not a striking example of clean impartiality ? Such is the state with respect to many other episodes of injustice.
Teachers ,examiners ,invigilators and the like are seen to be largely divided in their actions and discretion towards handling matters involving preparation before the exam, unfair practices during the exam or assessment after the exam. It all turns out to be a portrayal of partiality and ignorance in the end, the victim of which, become the poor, privileged yet underprivileged children.
There seems to be little involvement towards making a difference between intentional and dignified satisfaction. The crucial affair of education, therefore, is all a play of numbers.
How ? They care little.
By: Ishani Singh

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