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The wait for Microsoft Office 2016 is over

Today:- The Microsoft has released its Office 2016 for both Windows and Mac. Microsoft has tries its best to offer something different to customers, which includes real time co-editing to the desktop app, so that user can real time edit without opening the browser.
Skype for business is the new assembled feature in Office 2016, which will allow user to do video/audio chat and can share files. Office 2016 will use added search with the help of intelligent personal assistant “Cortana”.
A new app, Office 365 planner is appended in Office 2016, whose job is to track that projects are getting done on time with the help of dashboards, email notifications, etc. This application will be available in 2016.
The new user will have to buy Office 2016, but if you can Office 365 subscription then you can upgrade.
By: Teennews1 Network Team

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