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This Diwali, companies gift employees some things unique

Today:- New Delhi, Nov – They are known for doing innovative and creative business and this Diwali, start-ups have come up with novel ideas and concepts that companies can gift to their employees.

Start-ups like UrbanClap, Easyfix and Easyrewardz, to name just three, have taken
up offbeat routes to celebrate Diwali with employees.

UrbanClap, which provides instant professional solutions to its customers, from interior decoration to birthday celebrations and plumbing services, is giving its employees the same facilities and options to choose from as Diwali gifts – apart from bonus.

“The company wanted to do something special for its employees. The concept was devised so that our employees can also understand the experience of our customers,” UrbanClap co-founder Varun Khaitan told IANS.

Easyfix, a startup that was set up in 2011 and which provides home repair and maintenance services, is giving its employees Diwali light decorations and plumbing services along with other incentives.

“We always give traditional Diwali gifts. This time we thought of doing something different that acts as an extra for employees. The plan was to provide some gifts that are is actually needed,” said EasyFix founder Shefali Holani.

Another startup venture, EasyRewardz, which enables customers to track, enroll, pool and redeem points and stay engaged via offers, has come up with some rewards for its employees this Diwali.

“Coffee mugs, greeting cards and sweet boxes are now old, monotonous and often useless. We wanted our employees to go for those items which they need. So we are giving our employees points that act as discount coupons which they can utilize for purchase of products as per their choice,” said Tajas Kadakia, co-founder of EasyRewardz.

For employees too, getting unexpected Diwali gifts is a welcome step.

Holani said her employees are excited about the off-beat gifts. Khaitan said that interior cleaning and decoration often becomes a headache. So, the startup is gifting these to its employees on Diwali.

Would the concept be continued?

“The office is not just a corporate place but also becomes a small family and any festival becomes special when family members are happy and in a joyous mood. And what better than off-beat gifts to put a smile on the faces of employees,” Kadakia pointed out.

By Somrita Ghosh -IANS

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