‘Thodari’ release delayed in Karnataka

‘Thodari’ release delayed in Karnataka


Today:- Chennai, Sep – The release of Dhanush-starrer Tamil action-thriller “Thodari”, which is completely shot on a moving train, has been delayed in Karnataka owing to the ongoing dispute over the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.

In the rest of India, “Thodari” releases on Thursday in cinemas.

“We fear the Cauvery row between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka will affect the release of “Thodari”. Hence, we have decided to not release the film even though it will cost us heavily,” the film’s Karnataka distributor Manjunath told IANS.

Directed by Prabhu Solomon, the film features Dhanush as a pantry worker and Keerthy Suresh as a make-up artist.

The film has been shot on a Chennai-Delhi bound express, and it features stunts shot atop moving train.

Earlier this month, Vikram-starrer “Irumugan” too faced a similar fate in Karnataka, as its release was stalled.


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