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Timeless beauty Rekha turns 61

Today:-Timeless beauty, the “Umrao Jaan” of Bollywood Rekha has celebrated her first anniversary in the “Sexy at Sixty” club. Yes, she turned 61 today.
She is no more a normal woman, she is ageless diva, and lets’ take a recap on her almost fifty year old career. Way back in the late sixties she was a dusky girl, who was sidelined due to her complexion in the movies and later she revealed that she had no interest in acting, but worked due to the financial crisis, but fate had some other plans.
She was the heart throb in the late seventies and eighties and was in a love relationship with Mega Star Amitabh Bacchan, but she was unlucky in her love and marriage relationships, which helped her in becoming a more real and accomplished actor.
She did Umrao Jaan in 1982, which marked her performance as one of the best in Indian cinema. She was no more a raunchy, sexy Rekha and turned into an actress, who had conquered all spheres of acting.
She has seen sixty one monsoons, but still looks young and dynamic, when asked, she told that it’s all due to diet control and Yoga, which she had been practicing through decades.
We wish Rekha ji a warm and happy birthday.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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