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‘To be invisible is every one’s cup of tea…………’

   “Spending time with self is how, we figure out who we are and what we really love”.

That day is also not so far…………where we could witness a invisible man I every corner of street. Since ages, we have witnessed many such movies, invisibility gives immense feeling of being confined to self and enjoys things happening all around with an ease on mind. Movies like “ Mr X in Bombay”, “Shiva Ka Insaaf” , “ Mr India”, “Toofa”, “Krish” and many more……………Such movies holds a special corner in our hearts. By seeing them we also feel like had we been one like them……..we could have done this, that and lots things……we start making our own world of imagination.

                                    In London scientists have created an illusion of having an invisible body within humans. He has found that this feeling changes our mental and physical stress.  A team of neuroscientists from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute experimented on 125 humans.

                                              In this each one of them were made to stand in a row wearing a head mounted display. They were asked to just look down towards their body…………………for their surprise they found empty space below their head. In order to prove that illusion was real researchers stabbed a knife towards the empty space which could probably be the belly of the person.

                               While doing this the persons’ sweat response was high where as it was missing when the illusion was over……………… This Proves that the brain thought the threat was directed toward one’s own body though it was just an illusion. This study would help us understand social anxiety disorders in the future.

                             This generation is so much stressed by their work and daily life that somehow they really wanted to vanish and go away somewhere all alone to spend their time. This scientific research would be much helpful for them. We are so busy with our daily routine that we hardly have quality time for our self.

By:- Namrata Sharma (Sub Editor)Teennews1 Network Team

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