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Today Horoscope (For September 07, 2015 )

Today, you are going to have a tough and action packed day. You may have some differences of opinion with your near and dear ones on some issues, but you will thrive on it. You will work hard to complete all your pending work. The day will be promising and optimistic for you.
Today, you will focus on shopping. As a result you may find it hard to stop the impending outflow of cash. Others will try to dictate terms to you today. You may end up spending on the opposite sex.
Today, you are likely to get support and encouragement for your endeavors from everywhere. When others will try to test you, you will rise to the occasion and prove your abilities. Today, Taking good care of your health is most important.
If you deal in shares and stock market, you will feel that things are not going in your direction. Today, you may regret being in share market. You must delay the launch of a new project. We are advising you to wait for a while and then you may go on to launch the project. Best wishes from us.
Today is an opportunity to meet different type of personalities at workplace. Some of whom may test your patience. Remember that if you want to do work done from different type of persons, working in a team, you must know the art of balancing a variety of egos and opinions. Today is the time to learn to deal with different belief systems and the ways to avoid conflicts.
Today is the time to take a brake and have a conversation with yourself. It is the time for introspection. You may find a new love today. You may end up the day by enjoying a nice evening with friends.
Today, you are expected to give directions that get the best efforts out of your near and dear ones. Today, you will be in a role of a leader, an inspiration to others. Move away from traditional style and build a consensus.
Today, your approach will be robotic. You will today focus on actions, actions, actions… Your powers of persuasion will help you amass the confidences of many.
Today cupid will try to hunt you. You will be in the ocean of love and turbulent emotions today. Use your discretion very wisely on the matters of love and affection.
Today you will feel lethargic and dull due to work load. It may take away all your vigor. But this phase is not a problem for you because you will come out of it before it can do any harm to you. You must be observant and attentive while in meetings. This will help you in the long run, and in more ways than you can imagine. The day will not be very productive for you, but won’t be a very bad one either.
Today you will find some good news. Today, you may plan to go abroad or any other distant place. Everything looks positive and it reflects in your mood. Share your happiness with your family and friends, and you will find it multiplies manifold.
The day of Conflicts workplace! So try to be calm and control your tongue. Differences with others may grow. Try to understand point of view of others and respect their opinion.

Shailesh Srivastava

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