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Today’s English Movies on TV

Romedy NOW
‘John Tucker Must Die’ At 2100 Hrs 0800 Series: Everybody Loves Raymond 0830 Series: Jake In progress 0900 How Met I Your Mother 0930 A Long Way Down 1115 Mabels Married Life 1130 Gentleman of Nerve 1145 Bride Wars 1330 New Year’s Eve 1555 Home Alone 3 1800 Series: Gilmore Girls 1900 Series: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2000 Series: Everybody Loves Raymond 2030 Series: How I Met Your Mother 2100 John Tucker Must Die 2240 Nanny Mcphee Returns
‘Helboy’ at 2100 Hrs
0605 Green Lantern 0820 Oblivion 1045 The Matrix 1320 The Legend of Hercules 1500 after Earth 1655 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li 1855 Two Brothers

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