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Trending facts about Twitter

Today:- Twitter, the very first thing come into mind is the bird, its logo. From politician to journalists, everyone follows Twitter.
The Twitter following decides the popularity of the celebrity, just for instance Sachin Tendulkar might have all the records in his name, but in terms of popularity, he is next to Virat Kohli on Twitter. The tweets are used as breaking news on the news channels and Bollywood stars use it connects with their fans.
Here are some interesting facts about Twitter:-

We are unaware that what does the # sign in twitter means? This is called Hashtag and is used in tweets in relation to the topic.So that viewers can search the topic.

How are trending topics decided on Twitter, this really boggles us? This is defined by an algorithm and are designed for you based on whom you follow and your geographical location. You can custom trend option by selecting a specefic trend location on twitter.

Lady Gaga is the most followed Twitterer with 33 million followers.

Twitter was launched as an SMS service, where the character limit was 160 characters, 140 for the message and 20 for the username, but the good news is that Twitter has removed the 140 word limit from direct messages. You can chat a bit longer.
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