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Turn your phone into 3D scanner

Today:- Microsoft did it again, the company, which revolutionized the future of computers and made Computers windows friendly oops user friendly. Computers were never such fun before Windows, but Microsoft not only lifted the IT industry to its zenith, but also made computers everybody indoor friend.
Microsoft research the division of Microsoft has developed an application, which enables you to create 3D scans in seconds, if your Smartphone is compatible enough.
And you even need any extra tool or internet connection .This app is called Mobile Fusion app.
Using this application is everyone’s cup of tea, open the app and shoot the image using the Smartphone camera. The app tracks the device in3D by comparing the live camera data with the previous frames.
It will then capture the current live frame and perform efficient stereo matching to generate a depth map and those depth maps are merged into a 3D model and then the 3D model is captured on the user’s cell phone.
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