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UKTV’s Alibi channel released three new clips of Quantico

Today:- Alibi channel has released three new clips of Quantico. Desi girl Priyanka Chopra would be playing the leading lady (Alex Parish) in the TV series.
The trailer of Quantico created enough stir in India, courtesy Priyanka steamy sex scene in the car with Jack McLaughlin, but these new clips give viewers better insight about the plot.
First shows Priyanka interrogation by the FBI official and suggesting her to help to find the terrorist responsible for bomb blasts.

The second clips gives a crystal clear idea of Priyanka‘s character. She looks extrovert, experimental, analytical and of course a bad ass. Her dialogue delivery with American accent is a treat to watch.

The third clip gives the idea of Quantico plot, the FBI training, shooting practice and how the cadets are coping with it.

All the combined clips suggest that Quantico is going to take the viewers by storm. It looks thrilling, intriguing with enough sexy elements and something fresh for Indians compared to the Sas Bahu drama.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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