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Unilever acknowledged the growth of Patanjali

Today:-Mumbai,Oct – Unilever, the parent of India’s largest consumer goods firm Hindustan Unilever BSE -024 (HUL), has for the first time acknowledged competition in the herbal segment in the country and said the company has been launching products in the “natural” space to fight it.
There are “a couple of great examples’ in India in the herbal segment: ‘Patanjali, which everybody is looking forward t with lot of interest’, and Himalaya, which is ‘sitting in the natural segment’ in the personal care space, Andrew Stephen, head of investor relations at Unilever, said in conference call with investors last week.
This is the second instance of a global consumer giant publicly acknowledging the growth of yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved. Colgate-Palmolive BSE 1.07% in May said the so-called natural segment in India has been growing rapidly and that the company needs to capitalise on it.
Increasing health consciousness and awareness among people about the benefits of using Ayurveda have driven the denmand for herbal products in the market With Patanjali’s rise to become a Rs 5,000-crore company in less than a decade, L’Oreal introduced a hair care range under Gamier Ultra Blends made with natural ingredients.
For HUL, several of its new launches have been in the personal care portfolio, a business that contributed about half the company’s Rs 32,000-crore revenue in fiscal 2016 and about two-thirds of its net profit.
“What we are doing there incidentally is launching several brands… we bought Indulekha, which is a natural positioning in hair oil.

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