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Vashishtha Yoga Specially designed for HIV patients

Today:-HIV, a taboo in the society, people find themselves uncomfortable talking about this subject. We live in a society, where a disease creates discrimination and HIV patient is seen as a curse to the society.

He feels disrespectful  in the society, the problem is that we skip the solution and looks only the consequences. People say that HIV is incurable and can be only controlled and the advanced stage of HIV is called AIDS. Scientists claim there is no cure, but surely Yoga can help you to live your life in a healthy way as it boosts your immune system.

And this isn’t just enough, according to Baba Ramdev Aids is curable and his team is working on the medicine and he is no mere boaster. His yoga and medicine has shown results.

There is a special yoga called Vashishta Yoga, which is specially designed to support HIV patients and lead them to live healthy life.

To watch the video, click on the link below:-


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