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VIDYAMANDIR Classes an exemplary name in IIT-JEE coaching

Today:- New Delhi,Feb – Vidyamandir Classes, an exemplary name in IIT-JEE coaching has introduced an ideal study preparation schedule for the students to settle down their nerves ahead of various exams that lie ahead. The exams include 12th boards, followed by JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSTAT, VITEE, etc. It is said that a student must take care of his slee of eight hours as it leaves them with a refreshed mind when they get down to exam preparations. Moreover, preparations should not become cumbersome for students at any level and must be enjoyable for they are moving towards making a career for themselves. Boosting the morale of the students, Founder of Bidyamandieir Classes Mr. Brij Mohan Gupta sought to instill Confidence it the students. He said ‘My young friends, you should not feel panic or anxious as you all have worked hard. Anxiety can dilute your ability and chance of success. This schedule will guide you for a better preparation we, at VMC, will pray for you success to almighty.”
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