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Vodafone India launches 4G services in Delhi, NCR

Today:- New Delhi, Feb – Vodafone India on Wednesday announced the rollout of its next generation network in Delhi and NCR region.

The rollout will be completed across all parts of Delhi and NCR in a phased manner, the company statement said, adding that the launch in Delhi and NCR follows the launch of Vodafone’s 4G services in Kerala, Karnataka and Kolkata.

Vodafone 4G will enhance the mobile internet experience for customers with faster download or upload of videos and music, seamless video chats and greater ease in using apps.

The new service from the company in Delhi and NCR is built on a strong fibre backhaul, and is supported by its 3G services.

“4G has the potential to revolutionize the mobile experience through powerful innovation that impacts how we work and live. Vodafone’s global expertise and experience of launching 4G across 19 countries gives us a better understanding of this technology and the needs of the 4G customer,” Naveen Chopra, chief operating officer, Vodafone India said.

Vodafone will increase the intensity of its 4G rollout to cover important metros — Mumbai and Bengaluru shortly.

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