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Wanna be a selfie master………….????

These days the craze for selfie is getting viral.

Everywhere, in any kind of occasion…………..……people are caught taking selfie!!!

This craze has gone so much to height that by seing this a College in London offers us a course based on ‘How to click a perfect selfie.’

Yes, it is City Lit College which will be offering this course starting from March,2016. This promises to improve our sense of taking selfie. So, coming March we will have so much to explore. No doubt in this, we all are eagerly waiting for this.

Kim Kardashian, is so much fond of selfie that she has written a whole book about selfie. Hope she would also be a part of it. But don’t worry if your own selfies are yet to attract a global audience – according to the course description anyone who has taken self-portraits “even in the most casual way” is welcome to join.

This news is like a treat for people like like us who are much fond of taking selfie.

I would love to know the reaction of every one after going through this.We are so thankful to technology and its innovations that we lack words for it.

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