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Want Attention??………Be Extrovert

As a teen, even I was an incredibly introvert. I was not at all social. But see now, I can write and speak on any topic however large my audience is. React on every post on face book and always post my personal opinion on it, without caring about others’ views. Without changing my personality and values imbibed in me, I have become a bit extrovert.
Even Jung (the famed psychologist) said – “no one is only one or the other — if they were, they’d be in an insane asylum”
MAGIC STEPS …It really works wonders…
Spend more time with people even if you feel uncomfortable Expose yourself gradually. After all, being friendly, outgoing, and popular is a sign of being happy and well-adjusted, isn’t it? And assertive, outspoken people comfortably take the spotlight, get the best jobs and make the best leaders, right?
Find your passions or the social activity you enjoy – If you are not a party animal, you would like staying within your comfort zones. But that’s not the solution, guys. Look around; find new groups through clubs volunteering activities or small classes having like-minded interests.
Come out of your comfort Zone n socialize– Crush social fears rather phobia and become gutsy. Go around and initiate to say hello to everyone you meet be it your school, society or any visitor at home. Initially, it is awkward and terrifying for us but it moves us a step closer to extroversion. Meet new people. May be you get lucky and find true love
Fake and mimic the extroverts. U will feel better, more enthusiastic.
Hey, Go for online dating as well – Interact on chat and if you find a good match, go out as well.
Learn the art of communicating – listening is an important skill but in a group having conversation, don’t either stay non-stop or stay mum. Continue conversation, even when you don’t know what to say, just say something. Guys, it’s awkward initially but you will love it once makes it a habit. Interrupt and argue at times to grab attention. Also be funny yourself to make people laugh aloud.
If you have crush on someone – Give hints to him/her that you find him/her impressive. Become fast witty and outgoing.
Notice your likes and dislikes – See what kind of person catches your attention and and you would like to date. This helps make you more outspoken and a bit extrovert.
Be mysterious at times – People in general like to solve mystery. You will seem to be a silent but interested one, not an introvert.

By: S.Noor& Kavita (Teennews1 Network Team)

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