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Want To Be Happy Very Easy……

Today:- We all want to be happy, but due to stress or other reasons like love
breakup, financial crisis and other factors affect our happiness. When the going gets tough, some panic and easily get stressed, while some people cross every barrage of difficulties happily.
After all what is happiness, some say it is a mental state, but in this stressful life is there any sure shot way to remain focused, happy and relaxed??
Yoga and Pranayama brought about a huge change in the Indian mindset and they accepted it with both hands, but what is exactly the science behind happiness.
Pranayama supplies enough oxygen to our mind which relaxes the mind and you feel blissful, but this isn’t all, there are certain hormones which regulate our mood and mental state. They are Serotonin, Dopamine, and Endorphins etc.
These hormones are responsible for biochemical changes and so called happiness. So let’s know how to boost these hormones with foods:-
Foods rich in serotonin are bananas, Green tea, dark chocolate, turmeric, sunlight etc.
Foods rich in Dopamine are Spinach, Lentils, Kale, Avocados, Eggs, fish, etc.
Foods rich in Endorphins are Yogurt, Walnut, Salamon, Banana, Turkey, Dark Chocolate, etc.
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