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Want to be master in maths…..

Today:- Dec- Maths requires practice and Schoolchildren often cannot master maths due to a lack of practice. Says the founder of a US-based company that offers educational games based on the subject. Robert Sun’s maths cared games and online programme are used by school students in the US and abroad, including India now. While he started with a card game, sun has moved on to an activity children worldwide find irresistible—video games –- to instill maths skills. “I looked at maths and why it was difficult for kids. There are two parts to the learning process. One, The knowledge part, which is about concepts, which teachers transmit to students. The second is practice that helps students internalize lessons. The reason students have such hard times with maths is practice. The education system focuses on the first part– teaching. But this wouldn’t allow you to master it, ’’says Sun. chairman, presidents and chief executive, Suntex International Inc, which is soon going to offer individual subscriptions as well in India. Sun gives analogies from sport to make his point. Whether it is learning to ride a bike or hit a cricket ball, practice using our physical senses is the key. Practice requires immediate feedback, which could be a teacher or parent. “But it expensive says Sun. Moreover, earlier, students did not have many distractions, so he attempted to use the modern ‘distraction’ – video games—for maths education. Whereas for literature, there are libraries to go to, there is no equivalent for maths, he says. The original card game he designed 28 years ago could be played by a child who could involve other children for feedback.Both sides of a card show four numbers each. Each set of four numbers has to be used such that the answer is always 24, whether by addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, The cards are of different difficulty levels, moving from simple to rigorous. This, says Sun, could be used in areas with limited access to technology. When children use the company’s online games, there is no penalty. A message would provide a hint. One of the aspects of his approach is to let the child explore and learn. “Learning is not linear for kids, and so is it in maths. The child is the best person to know where the gaps are. Children may not admit it But in the privacy of a game, they can teach themselves, “ says Sun .
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