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Want to control your mind ……follow this…

The teenagers of today should take inspiration from the International yoga day celebrated on the 21st of June and improve their standard of living to a more healthy level. They should understand the importance of this historic form of exercise. Concentration is an important element of todays lives.

At this age, the teenage, children come across a million ideas everyday, with new beliefs and views sprouting in their minds. They often get stimulated about these ideas and make immediate but wrong decisions. They loose focus and hence fail to implement decisions effectively. To learn to concentrate is the best way to overcome such a problem.

Teenagers have strong feelings at this age and the society has a grave affect on them. Concentration gives them internal peace and helps them reach the greatest sense of security. Concentration unviels the inner secret of our mind and the body and helps keep them strong and centered during hormonal changes.

Its is imperative to create a tension free mind to achieve success in studies which can happen through concentration. When the mind is free, it works at its highest levels during an examination and keeps us strong.

We often find our children under utter stress and tension which is reflected on their sunken shoulders and hollow eyes accompanied by a resisted digestion process which further leads to diseases. We generally think that our child has the potential to overcome everyday problems and creativity instilled in them ..Concentration shields us from the negative effects of tension and keeps the mind clean and fresh. Concentration alone can help them think clearly and display their creativity.

In the initial days if development, children are usually seen to be very temperamental and show unnecessary tantrums given the reason that certain everyday decisions are not at par with their will. In such a situation, children loose their patience and become violent and difficult to control. The answer to these problems are hidden in exercise.

Concentration enables the children in connecting with nature and helps them fight fear and sorrow effectively and promptly. Concentration keeps the bodily forces in balance and helps in the emotional development of the child .It relaxes the mind so that an individual can handle their existence when these ideas sprout speedily and too often.

Concentration can help the teenagers realize that they have the potential to overcome everyday problems with success and that they can accomplish goals they have not even dreamt of. The teenagers of today are the leaders of tomorrow so they should be creative, strong, centered and thoughtful.

By :- Ishani Singh and S. Noor

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