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Want To Know Secret Of A Woman: See Her Navel

Today:- Navel has great importance in samudrik shastra. We can know many things related to nature and sexual behavior of a female by seeing her navel. Let us learn the art of Knowing things by the shape of navel of a woman.
Women, who have long and retrograde navel, are full of confidence. This type of women always tries to become independent. They usually do things with full interest and hard work. Normally, they have opinionated and bold attitude. These females love to make friends.Welcome-Back-John-Abraham
Females, with deep navel, are likely to have passionate type of personality. They have pure heart and generous nature. They believe others very easily. Usually they are attractive in appearance. Due to over thinking and anxiety they face some health problems in later part of their life.Female_navel_piercing
Female, with elevated navel, love the beauty of nature. They appreciate beauty. They have submissive and romantic nature. They get plenty of money in life. Normally, they get handsome and wealthy husband.
If a female have round navel, she will be very talented. They normally have health body structure. They are usually blessed with intelligent mind, mercy in heart and kindness in nature. Therefore they get respect in society and family. These females enjoy romantic and successful married life.
If you know a female, who have a flat navel, her mood is entirely unpredictable. It is advisable to stay away from her. They can easily misunderstand your behavior and by their behavior they can hurt you. The biggest shortcoming they have in their personality is that they love to see negative things in life and ignore positive things. They can find problems everywhere and can’t see the bright side of anything.
Normally, the right position of navel is in the center of the stomach. If navel is not in the center, the female will be full of energy and excitement. This type of female gets success in their respective workplace. These females behave according to their mood and will. They want to do things on their own way.
Females, having middle part of navel elevated, normally have some problems in conception. They are likely to have some problem in lower portion of stomach or in reproductive organs.
Females, having middle portion of navel deep, have a very romantic married life. They don’t have any problem in reproductive organs. They can conceive easily. Normally, they have more than two children.
According to samudrik shastra, female having elevated navel, will have a struggling life. The reason behind this is that they are honest and simple by heart. They don’t like to earn money from unfair means. The good thing is that they have successful and obedient children.cd4cc7bcb95a2c594edde9ad657cb366
Those who have navel in downward position will have a very lucky first child.
Those who have navel at higher position are likely to have troubles in their married life. They will have difference of opinion with their life partner on various day to day issues. There are strong possibilities of divorce in their life.
By: Shailesh Srivastva

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