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Tao Porchon-Lynch performing with Sandip Soparkar in show 'Ageless Dance' at Sheesha Lounge in Andhe

Today:- Do you Want to live for 100 years without spending a penny …? Yes.. Want to live a very healthy life for 100 years without spending a penny..? Yes..Yes. Do you want to look 30 at the age of 97 without spending a penny ?Yes..yes..yes ….Who will not want to live long ,who will not want to live healthy and look 30 in his or her 90s. Yes, everyone but for that what should one do?
Nothing just smile and breath deep ……this is not a joke ….We have live examples and it is proved …
Yes, at the age of 97 Tao Porchon- Lynch keeps a body of 30 years old. With smile and deep breath, she does yoga and she is an oldest yoga teacher in the world.
Actually she has developed some formula to tackle the world. According to her— just handle and manage your emotional stress and that way you have won the life in whole . But how to handle ? Remember don’t take everything so seriously—develop a habit to laugh at the world. Tune into your own breath . Breathing is life. Smile —you will send good energy out and bring good energy to you. Love yoga and practise yoga.
Keep a teen heart —Tao Porchon -Lynch is 97 years old and she never feels more than 20 herself. This is the key of her long and happy life. Her name is in Guinnnes book record as an oldest yoga teacher.

Yoga keeps you not only fit but also gives the signals to your mind to understand the positive vibration. Be constantly on the move ,enjoy every experience. She suggests don’t wake up in the morning with fear in your mind.

Secret of a sharp mind in old age too. At 90s you can keep your mind sharp too. Convince yourself that you have the power to do anything and try whatever you want to do.

Try to find the goodness in everybody and everything around you.

Healthy Eating Habits —— Healthy eating habits gives you a chance to enjoy life in a full. Try this and you will just feel comfortable, whether you go shopping , sitting with friends , outing , due to healthy eating habits your energy level boosts very high and uneasiness, stress, irritation anger all starts subsiding day by day .Life will come fully in your control.

So, eat light and eat slow. Breath deep. Start your day with eating fruits and live fearlessly , fresh and beautiful.
By: Tanya Kabeer -Reporter(Teennews1 Network Team)

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